Best Penis Enlargement Pills of 2021

Let’s look through the most potent penis enlargement pills.


Dissatisfaction with penis size is a fringe concern in many cases because in fact the majority of men have normal penis measurements.

But anyway, millions of men know firsthand about this issue and require an urgent solution able to rebuild their self-confidence.

The most immediate way out is a penile surgery due to which 2 inches penis size gain is possible.

Though this kind of surgery is considered very effective and fast, it can be performed only in the hospital and may be fraught with serious side effects.

Is it yet so indispensable to use a curative method of treatment?

Or maybe, is it worth choosing a gentler alternative such as penis enlargement pills?

These pills offer you the following benefits which any surgery can’t ensure:

  • Safety
  • No invasion
  • No pain
  • Convenience of use
  • Enhancement of sexual desire
  • Improvement of erection quality
  • Minimal risk of side effects

Best Penis Enlargement Pills

Male Extra (Our Pick)

VigRX Plus





Penis Enlargement Pills #1: Male Extra

Male Extra takes the first place among the male enhancers which we have considered.

For the recent years, there has not been any other as potent penis enlargement pill as this one.

This product acquired popularity after the introduction at the AVN Awards show.

The pill formula is well-established now because its efficacy exceeds all the expectations of the product users.

Moreover, you will not need to spend an enormous sum of money to purchase this supplement. Thus, it costs less than $80.

The product manufacturer is absolutely confident in the customer satisfaction since it ensures a 100% money back guarantee.

*The results may differ for different men.

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#2 VigRX Plus

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VigRX Plus is also one of the leading products on the penis enlargement market.

A huge number of men have already reached their supplementation goals by using this pill.

This product outstripped many other similar supplements offered by the industry nowadays.

The supplement is an irreplaceable tool for restoring the men’s bedroom satisfaction and rebuilding sex life without running the risk of unsafe adverse reactions.

The manufacturer gathered the most powerful active substances supported with the positive results of clinical trials to create this supplement.

So, if you suffer from insufficient libido or don’t know how to regain strong erections, don’t hesitate to choose this product.

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#3 ProSolution

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ProSolution is in the list of the most innovative penis enlargement pills which we have seen for the last several years.

Thus, for 5 years, the customers have appreciated the highly beneficial effects of this supplement which helps them repair sexual performance at a very moderate price.

So, if safety, powerfulness, and affordability are what you are looking for, then you should try this pill without a delay.

The price for the pill is quite reasonable.

That’s why you will definitely afford it and enjoy your sex life again without a necessity to drain your purse.

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#4 ExtenZe

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ExtenZe manufacturer created a one-of-a-kind natural herbal blend which has wonderful penis enlargement properties.

All the ingredients available in the product formula were carefully chosen and targeted on the intensification of blood circulation in the manhood.

This contributes to the improvement of erection rigidity and fullness, as well as to the erection prolongation.

The product offers an excellent quality for the money.

The medical professionals approved this pill.

And you will be impressed with the results.

*The results may differ for different men.

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Small Size Is No Longer a Problem

Despite a common belief that quality is more important than quantity, many men from time to time think of increasing their penis size at least by a few inches.

Moreover, these thoughts often arise regardless of the fact which penis measurements the man really has.

From a psychological point of view, it’s not difficult to understand such men’s desire.

And it can’t be called just a fancy or whim.

That’s first of all because this desire emerges on the subconscious level.

The more man seeks to take lead in the society the stronger such a desire is.

Often, men are convinced that they have a small penis even if this contradicts the reality.

As a result, the man feels unconfident when trying to build a relationship with the woman.

Such a man loses interest in sex life and has a low self-esteem.

Due to this, male sexual inferiority complex develops.

That’s why the penis size very frequently becomes one of the determinative factors for male personal self-fulfillment and self-identification.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Effective?

The topic of penis enlargement pills is steeped in myths and wild guesses which often muddle the men’s mind. That’s why for men it’s usually difficult to make the right choice.
The truth is that not all penis pills are equally effective. If you want the pills you purchase work really well, use only the pills which include nitric oxide-boosting components.

Nitric oxide is an extremely important chemical compound without which the relaxation of penile blood vessels will not occur. This relaxation promotes the dilation of vessels and hence enables the manhood to contain a large amount of blood.

Also, the penis pills have a strong impact on the corpora cavernosa known as a kind of erectile tissue that resembles a sponge. Due to this impact, penile tissue holds more blood.

These effects of the pills result in the manhood enlargement in both circumference and length. But note that this increase in the penis size occurs only when the penis is in its erect state. The enlargement is accompanied with strong erections.

However, it should be mentioned that the male pills usually provide a temporary effect. It means that the increased manhood measurements will please you as long as you continue the pill intake. When you cease the intake, the gains will disappear.

How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

The action of penis enlargement pills is targeted on the corpora cavernosa which is the sponge-like areas of erectile tissue available in the penis. These pills make the corpora cavernosa keep a larger amount of blood in the penis.

This effect is very important during sexual arousal when the blood flows to the corpora cavernosa and causes a hard erection.

Once you complete penis enlargement course, the dilation capacity of penile blood vessels located in the corpora cavernosa will increase.

So, the amount of blood that usually fills the penis during erection will also increase. And as a result, the penis in its erect state will become both longer and thicker.

Debunking Top 5 Penis Enlargement Myths

The myth that a bigger penis is better
One myth about penis enlargement is that a bigger penis is better. There is no scientific evidence to prove that a bigger penis is better. The size of the male organ will have no bearing on the person’s manliness.

The myth that size is important when it comes to sexual performance
This myth has made the penis enlargement industry a very lucrative business. In reality, the size of the penis is not an absolute guarantee of the woman’s enjoyment during intercourse. In fact, some women have complained that sex with men with big penises can be very painful.

The myth that all methods for penis enlargement are effective
The truth is that most penis enlargement techniques do not really work, and for some methods, the effect may not be permanent. More studies still need to be conducted to determine the effectiveness and safety of using these techniques.

The myth that the size of the penis is proportional to the hands, feet, or nose.
The truth is that there is no scientific evidence that penis size is directly proportional to the size of other parts of the body. While the same genes that regulate the growth of the penis also control the development of other body parts, there is no connection between the size of the feet or hands with penis size.

The myth that some races are endowed with bigger penises
The truth is that the penis comes in various sizes, forms, and shapes for every race.

How to Take Penis Enlargement Pills

The dose timing may vary and depends on the manufacturers guidelines.
Many penis enlargement pills have to be taken before the first meal to make absorption more effective.

Approximately 15 minutes before breakfast is the most suitable timing in this case. Such pills usually start working half an hour after the intake. The morning is also a great time for using male enhancing supplements since the men will feel energized throughout the day after the pill intake.

Typically, the supplements should be taken twice per day. And the man should do this at the same time every day. This will help restore the male sexual function more successfully.

The natural penis enlargement pills have to be used on an on-going basis to really repair male sexual disabilities. That’s why it’s important not to skip dosages. Of course, one missed pill will not hinder the supplementation efficacy.

But if the man skips the pills frequently, the supplementation will be useless.
It’s important to remember that dehydration brings the effects of male enhancement supplementation to naught.

The man who undergoes such supplementation should drink no less than 8 glasses of water daily. This will significantly improve the delivery of the active ingredients contained in the pills to the right places throughout the body.

Manswers recommends a penis extender

Manswers is a popular TV show in American, Canada and the UK, it answers all of the common questions that men have. In a recent show they answered the biggest question on most guys mind: “What will add the most meat to a guys manhood?” They did their research, spoke to a Doctor and the answer is a penis extender. In the video the X4 Labs extender is featured.

Get the penis size you deserve with proven penis enhancement products

Having a penis size that you are unhappy with can be the most frustrating experience a man could ever have. Penis size determines who you are and has a huge affect on the quality of your life. It can affect intimate relationships, business relations, overall confidence and performance in bed.

By studying the clinical data and hundreds of user reviews, we take the guess work out of which natural penis products work. We will help you avoid the outright scams and reveal clinically proven methods and natural penis enhancement techniques that are used and endorsed by medical professionals.

Medical advances mean penis enlargement is a reality

Yes, it does. But not all methods are going to give you the same results. As you may have noticed there are numerous natural penis enhancement products around. Pills, exercises, pumps, weights, creams, patches, herbal pills and even hypnosis are some of the methods all promising to increase your penis size.

It’s important that you understand how the products you buy work and that they have medical backing. By using clinically proven products like the SizeGenetics penile extender you are more likely to add length to your penis.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?

Just take one male enhancement pill containing vitamins for ED on a daily basis and you will notice the improvement in your sexual potency and overall health very soon. If you want to purchase this highly effective vitamin for ED, you even should not go to the pharmacy. Thus, you can easily buy high-quality Vitamin B Complex from the reliable company online at the very affordable price. And male enhancement pills are the best choice for this purpose.

Yes, the methods we recommend are 100% safe. Achieving a thicker and longer penis is possible as long as you take the right route by using quality proven penis enhancement products and avoiding dangerous or unproven methods that we have mentioned above.

One product we recommend is the award winning SizeGenetics System. This is a clinically proven penis extender device, manufactured from Medical Type 1 materials in the EU.

Male enhancement pills have more medical backing than any other product on the market, is proven to add length to your penis and is recommended by some Doctors as an alternative to penis enhancement surgery.

Why Penis Enlargement Pills Are More Beneficial than Prescription Pills

A greater number of men are switching from synthetic prescription pills to over-the-counter manhood enlargement pills of natural origin. That’s because many men have already realized and appreciated the benefits of natural pills.

It’s a well-known fact that the prescription drugs ensure immediate effects. They cause a firm erection which is required for a good sexual intercourse here and now. But that’s all. Such drugs don’t change the manhood size.

As for the natural pills, they are first of all intended for the manhood enlargement due to the activation of natural mechanisms in the man’s body. The necessary manhood size changes happen mildly and safely.

But of course, it’s not the only benefit you can get when taking the natural penis supplements. Thus, these pills also restore the erectile function in men by strengthening the circulatory system in general and enhancing blood delivery to the genitals in particular.

In addition, these supplements revive sexual desire, brighten orgasms, bring endurance and stamina to a much higher level, fight constant fatigue and lack of energy, and enhance sperm quality.

Women’s Attitude towards Penis Enlargement Pills

The issue of taking penis enlargement pills by their men is quite divisive for the majority of women. Wild libido and sexual exploits are not the most important things women expect from their partners.

Your woman needs to feel your love first of all.

Women actually often worry about possible adverse effects which men may struggle with when taking male enhancers.

They are doubtful about safety of such products. But even this is not the greatest matter of anxiety for women.

By their nature, women tend to take the necessity to use penis enlargement products as referring to themselves. It means they start thinking that it’s something wrong with them.

Women simply lose faith in own beauty and attractiveness.

They believe that it’s because of them the partners can’t attain strong erections and have low sexual vigor.

What is the solution?

Your task is to change your woman’s attitude toward the male enhancement pills you take to boost your male potency. Try to explain her that high libido and much sexual energy are not your primary targets.

The woman should know that your main goal is to improve your health and overall well-being. That’s why don’t conceal your man’s health problems if you want your woman understand and support you.

Honesty and patience are what you need when discussing the need for male enhancement products with your wife or girlfriend.

Give your woman as much information about the particular male enlargement pills as you can. She should know that such pills are all-natural and science-backed.

And of course, highlight that you care not just about sex, but about mutual relationship satisfaction.