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Debunking Top 5 Penis Enlargement Myths

While academic studies have proven that penis extenders can work effectively, various myths regarding penis enlargement and penis size still exist. Man has always tried to explain certain situations that are difficult to understand, and this has resulted in the creation of myths that may have misled a lot of people for a long time.

The myth that a bigger penis is better
One myth about penis enlargement is that a bigger penis is better. There is no scientific evidence to prove that a bigger penis is better. The size of the male organ will have no bearing on the person’s manliness.

The myth that size is important when it comes to sexual performance
This myth has made the penis enlargement industry a very lucrative business. In reality, the size of the penis is not an absolute guarantee of the woman’s enjoyment during intercourse. In fact, some women have complained that sex with men with big penises can be very painful.

The myth that all methods for penis enlargement are effective
The truth is that most penis enlargement techniques do not really work, and for some methods, the effect may not be permanent. More studies still need to be conducted to determine the effectiveness and safety of using these techniques.

The myth that the size of the penis is proportional to the hands, feet, or nose.
The truth is that there is no scientific evidence that penis size is directly proportional to the size of other parts of the body. While the same genes that regulate the growth of the penis also control the development of other body parts, there is no connection between the size of the feet or hands with penis size.

The myth that some races are endowed with bigger penises
The truth is that the penis comes in various sizes, forms, and shapes for every race.

Manswers recommends a penis extender

Manswers is a popular TV show in American, Canada and the UK, it answers all of the common questions that men have. In a recent show they answered the biggest question on most guys mind: “What will add the most meat to a guys manhood?” They did their research, spoke to a Doctor and the answer is a penis extender. In the video the X4 Labs extender is featured.

Get the penis size you deserve with proven penis enhancement products

Having a penis size that you are unhappy with can be the most frustrating experience a man could ever have. Penis size determines who you are and has a huge affect on the quality of your life. It can affect intimate relationships, business relations, overall confidence and performance in bed.

By studying the clinical data and hundreds of user reviews, we take the guess work out of which natural penis products work. We will help you avoid the outright scams and reveal clinically proven methods and natural penis enhancement techniques that are used and endorsed by medical professionals.

Follow these few simple steps to avoid penis enhancement scams

1. Ignore any kind of spam you receive in your email inbox. Email spam is illegal and no reputable company would ever advertise this way.

2. Natural Penis enhancement products without any clinical backing, these have not been developed by professionals and are often unsafe.

3. Companies that promise unrealistic gains, if a company claims you can gain 3 – 4 inches in a few weeks with their “Magic Pills” then they are down right lying to you.
We have conducted a thorough investigation into all of the products and programs available on the market today. We worked with natural penis enhancement companies and reviewed the feedback given from their clients.

We found out that many of the products did nothing at all and a large number of the companies refused to let us review them. For legal reasons we can not disclose the names of the natural penis enhancement companies that we tested but we strongly advise you to enter the market place with caution and research as much as possible to avoid falling victim to their scams.

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Medical advances mean penis enlargement is a reality

Yes, it does. But not all methods are going to give you the same results. As you may have noticed there are numerous natural penis enhancement products around. Pills, exercises, pumps, weights, creams, patches, herbal pills and even hypnosis are some of the methods all promising to increase your penis size.

It’s important that you understand how the products you buy work and that they have medical backing. By using clinically proven products like the SizeGenetics penile extender you are more likely to add length to your penis.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

Just take one male enhancement pill containing vitamins for ED on a daily basis and you will notice the improvement in your sexual potency and overall health very soon. If you want to purchase this highly effective vitamin for ED, you even should not go to the pharmacy. Thus, you can easily buy high-quality Vitamin B Complex from the reliable company online at the very affordable price. And male enhancement pills are the best choice for this purpose.

Yes, the methods we recommend are 100% safe. Achieving a thicker and longer penis is possible as long as you take the right route by using quality proven penis enhancement products and avoiding dangerous or unproven methods that we have mentioned above.

One product we recommend is the award winning SizeGenetics System. This is a clinically proven penis extender device, manufactured from Medical Type 1 materials in the EU.

Male enhancement pills have more medical backing than any other product on the market, is proven to add length to your penis and is recommended by some Doctors as an alternative to penis enhancement surgery.

Why are the best male enhancement pills so effective?

Penile extenders use the principle of traction. Traction is a keystone of cosmetic surgery, as it is the most effective and safe method of inducing tissue growth in the human body. Considering the desire most men have to increase the size of their penis, it’s no surprise that traction is now being used as a successful penis enhancement solution for thousands of men around the world. Penis extender review is the best place to find the right penis enhancement machine.

Backed by medical Doctors who continue to report the results of their patients who use this method, penis extender devices are growing in popularity. We recommend looking at our penis extender review before you buy. They are basically all the same device, but some are built better and offer additional bonus products to help speed up your enhancement results. Take a look at our SizeGenetics review, its the most popular device sold.

A Penis stretcher to straighten out a curve or bend

Around 3% of men suffer from a curved or bent penis, this is called peyronies disease. A slight curve in the penis is nothing to worry about for most men, but when the curve becomes too great it can effect your sex life and confidence.

Curved penis peyronies disease
As the curve becomes greater, getting an erection may painful and having sex or masturbating can be even worse.

Straightening a curve in your penis is possible. Surgery is what your Doctor will recommend but there are other natural alternatives available.

Penis exercises are an all natural solution which all provide you with other benefits. Penis stretchers are a proven device that helps to straighten out a curve. These two methods will also enlarge your penis and make it healthy and appealing again.

A penis stretcher device can be used to stretch out the tough tissue which has form. Over time the tissue is stretched and softens, allowing your penis to return to it’s original shape. The penis stretcher will also increase your length and girth as well as bring many other sex health benefits.

Penis Enlargement Basics

Pills, creams, lotions, weights and pumps. Search around and it would appear there are hundreds of ways to improve your penis size – right? Wrong. Some of these methods are complete scams and even dangerous. Your penis is precious, you only have one, so choose your method wisely.

Through extensive research and studying user reviews, we reveal the dangers involved with some of the more primitive approaches and which method is proven to work. We only recommend using a doctor endorsed and clinically proven method of penis enhancement.

Clinically proven penis enhancement is now possible

Penis Stretcher Devices

Penis enhancement devices, sometimes called penis enhancement stretchers or extenders are without doubt the most effective method of penis enhancement available today.

Using the principles of traction, a widely used technique in medicine, a penis enhancement device gently stretches the blood compartments of the penis over time which can result in length and girth gains.

Some companies have conducted strict clinical trials to prove this is the case and will even guarantee results or your money back. Extenders are well researched by professionals, have medical backing and show proven results time and time again.

Medically backed

Doctor endorsed

Clinically proven to be effective

Fully Guaranteed (some)

Benefits: What users report:
Some Length Gain
Some Girth Gain
Libido Enhancement
Increased Sexual Stamina
Ejaculation Control
Curvature Correction

Thicker fuller erections
More confidence with women
Improved self esteem


Penis Stretcher Devices are the only penis enhancement method that is medically approved and has gone under clinical trials. Penis stretchers are used all over the world for penile enhancement, penis surgery and for treating penis curvature related problems.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

testosterone boostersTestosterone pills – Increasing your testosterone level in natural ways helps alleviate many of these side effects. I can attest to the effectiveness of natural treatments. My clients and I have been using them for over seven years with great results (
Testosterone Booster – One in particular is a natural supplement that is extremely effective in boosting hormone levels. It includes 13 of the best sex-boosting natural herbs available.

That way, you can reap all the benefits of increased testosterone levels without suffering many of the side effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

The Truth about Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

Testosterone Booster Pills – The effects of testosterone functioning are observed in intense development in children and musculature and hair growth in men. It’s responsible for the formation of secondary sexual characters in men and for the stabilization of menstrual cycle in women. Emotional and disposition changes are vividly observed in the teenage period when the testosterone level is rather big.
It’s a fact that the rate of testosterone in men is about fifty times bigger than in women, though this rate differs in diverse periods of life.

Penis enhancement Exercises

Natural penis enhancement exercises are a popular option with many men who lack the time, the finances or inclination to try other male enhancement approaches. They are a good choice for the both the cautious user and the beginner. A quality exercise program will show you step by step how to safely increase the size of your penis.

Forskolin results

Apart from all this, some scientists claim that they’ve discovered a Forskolin cream as well that is rather pure in the performance; it reduces the fat without any need of exercise or diet. Though, the professional researchers are quite silent regarding this discovery, but they’re constantly exploring its benefits and credibility on a greater scale.

Penis Pills

When used on their own they do not increase blood flow to the penis enough to permanently stretch the erectile tissue, that is why you will not find a pill under clinical trial. However when combined with natural penis enhancement techniques they are reported to be effective in increasing the speed and size of the gains.
Contaminated Pills
Incorrect Dosage
Allergies to Ingredients
Interference with medication
High blood pressure
Methods To Avoid