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Penis Size and Post-Modern Thought: a little story.


A man sat on a hilltop, one warm and balmy evening, looking up at the stars. “What is the purpose of it all?” he wondered. “Could there be some sublime meaning, some absolute truth, something I could use to make some sense of my existence?”

From beyond the shadows, a woman glided softly to his side. She has been observing him for some time now, wondering what went on behind his tortured face.

“Speak to me”, she said. “What thoughts trouble your subtle mind?”

The man looked at her. A light breeze stirred the strands of her long, loose hair, and the light of the moon cast little iridescent rainbows in her eyes. In the air was the scent of a woman, a heavy, musky, warm, womanly scent.

The force of her presence had a compelling influence on the direction of his thoughts. “I was thinking of us, of you and me, together, here under the stars.” he breathed. Slowly, inexorably, they moved together, melting into each other, merging, merging…

“Oh, oh”, she gasped. She was grinding against him, trying to bring him into contact with her epicentre. She felt almost nothing against her AFE zone and her G-spot, and her fornix was crying out for attention. And then it was all over, the man collapsing limply on top of her.

“That was very good!” she smiled. “You are so big! Where do you work?”

Lying in each other’s arms, she told him of some other men she knew, of Adolph, who was so small that she had to laugh at him, so that he got cross and went of to start a war – and of Albert, who gave up in despair and buried himself in physics, instead.

We must not judge her harshly. She was a kind and wise woman: slowly, subtly, she introduced him to that body of knowledge known as Natural Penis Enhancement, and in time he grew to simply enormous proportions. He could now satisfy her to the utmost, as well as all her female friends she so graciously permitted to share in her joy.



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