Penis Enlargement Methods

Now we will be talking about some less invasive methods that have especially seen rise in popularity over the last few years. Specifically we will be discussing penis enlargement pills, various supplements designed for the same effect, and some exercising methods designed to extend the penis.

There are many pills out there, especially advertising on the internet, claiming they will enhance your manhood, help you with better erections and permanently increase the size of your penis. To begin with, there are currently no prescribed medications recognized in the medical community that is proven to permanently enlarge the penis, and there are only three approved medications that will help with the problem of impotence, and those are Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. The main reason nothing else has been approved is that nothing else has been properly tested, and because of that doctors are skeptical at best as to how much they can help with penis enlargement. Viagra and similar products are PDE – 5 inhibitors, which help regulate the Nitric Oxide metabolism, which in turn allows the blood to flow to the penis, enabling erections. Those medications are extremely useful for people who have problems with getting or maintaining an erection, but studies did not show any significant increase with subjects who had no previous problems. Most of the off the shelf medications should in fact be considered supplements, and they are in fact mixes of ingredients of herbal origin, like zinc, pomegranate extracts, green tea, and similar. Those components have been known either to help blood flow in general, or to have positive influences on male sexual desires, and if the mixed and dosed right can be a good combination to help with sex life. However, there is so far no evidence to support they will help with permanently increasing the size of the penis.

In addition, another method comes from ancient arts known in Asia and Africa to extend one person’s skin and body parts. You have surely seen those people in Africa with giant ears and necks, in India it was commonly used even to extend penises. People before used to attack weights to their penis making it longer after some time, but now there are more sophisticated extenders, that will enable to extending to continue for a period of time without it being revealed to outside people or even interfere with any of the normal activities. There is, also, a series of exercises, which are designed to do this in a similar fashion called jelqing. Either of these methods is still unproven as there are no actual medical studies done on these, but there is a substantial amount of people who claim they have accomplished their goals with this method.

It is rather hard to know for sure which method can help you and which not, but it is best to be fully educated and to try which one suits you most, and to try to minimize the risk for your own health.

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