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Penis Enlargement – A Man’s Big Dilemma

Man has always wanted his penis bigger, longer but not necessarily better. This may be one of the reason why men constantly aspire to have a penis larger than the one he was blessed with or for some, cursed with to possess. In the desire to achieve that, men sometimes resort to self-treatment instead of seeking precious and expensive medical help. But then again, the pros often outweigh the cons.

A Man’s inadequately sized penis is now considered an issue of concern in men’s health. This has a tremendous effect on the sexuality of men with the belief that a small penis contributes to the lessened sense of masculinity. This has oftentimes resulted in anxiety and issues of self esteem. Some men harbor feelings that they are deviants who do not conform to the standards of a normal penis size. The question is – who determines the normal penis size if ever there is any.

It is a fact that the average size varies depending on one’s race with some percentage deviating from it whether it is bigger or smaller. Just with this concept alone, what is normal is highly debatable but still the demands for a larger penis is still hanging over the heads of a lot of men.

Pros and Cons of Penis Enlargement The Natural Way

Having a micropenis or a small sized penis is said to be detectable even at a very young age. As such some would already try various ways with the hope that it will help it grow at a later date. Some cultures believe that circumcision will facilitate the growth of the penis but there is neither conclusive result nor even a study about that perception.

At a young age, boys who might have the tendency to have a smaller member are advised by some adults to massage it or perform some hand exercises. These are believed to assist in its growth. This, of course, is the easiest and least costly of all procedures but the veracity of the claim to enlarge the penis is still to be determined through a more scientifically sound study.

Further claims would be that such a method helps an older person extend the length of time of an erection, a productive ejaculation and offer better performance. The side effects are considerably less because nothing is ingested which may interfere with body processes.

There are also those in the past who would make herbal poultices and apply it to their penises in order to enlarge it but its efficacy is not known and in some cases might have proven to be unsanitary.

Nowadays, there are also penis enlargement pills in the market which are supposedly from herbs and are said to be all natural. Additionally, patches also available which, according to its manufacturers, can lengthen the penis while penis extenders can add several inches if used properly.

If the effectiveness of such devices and extenze can be affirmed, then indeed it can be of great help to a lot of men.

Penis Enlargement Products: Authentic or a Rip-Off

Website and emails are swamped with advertisements on penis enlargement products. Some of the ads assert that most ladies do desire men with bigger penises and these “solutions” are quite expensive. But is it really worth it?

There is one such product which claims that by just taking two capsules a day for one to three weeks can make the girth of the penis grow. After such, the following weeks assures the guy a thicker and longer penis even if it is flaccid. It comes with a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. The company also states that the product can boast of ingredients which are unadulterated and all-natural. Examples of the ingredients found in it are ginseng, cayenne licorice root pumpkin seed and more.

Another one is a vacuum system wherein a pump-like device is used. The ads state that it can cause the enlargement of the penis through the suction effect of the product.

The Verdict

When used by several men it was found out that there was not really a marked significance in the length and growth of the penis. The studies which were mentioned were actually conducted on animals like rats as the subject and not on human beings. Not only that but these were not even in a way connected to how it works on penile growth nor how the it performs after such has been used.

Some of the products though can cause the penis to become-semi erect which can often be mistaken for growth. It is actually very similar to the enlargement which happens when the penis rises from the flaccid state to becoming semi-erect. There will always be an increase in length and girth during arousal even if it is in its initial arousal stage. This is indeed a shrewd way of advertising the product in such a way that they are honest enough but not that completely honest.

Another crafty move that manufacturers may employ is giving a pay-back guarantee of thirty days. This may convince a man of the sincerity of the product but there is again another catch. It is said that the maximum length will be evident in sixty days and by then the pay-back feature has already expired.

The customer is also advised to check on the growth daily but of course, the psychological side rears in by actually convincing the man that his organ is growing by sheer willpower alone.

Now in the case of the penis pump. It is not designed as a penile enlarger but rather as an aid for men who suffering from erectile dysfunction. It facilitates erection and not penis enlargement. The moment it is not used then the penis will go back to its flaccid state.
There will be a temporary enlargement and this may make the not so discriminating customer feel happy instead of cheated in a way because of the misleading ads. The thing is, it is up to the man to decide if he is willing to risk buying it or not.

Enlarge your Penis the natural way

It is a big deal for most men to have a penis whose size is deemed to be above average. This may be because of some beliefs or even realities that they can best satisfy women with bigger and longer penises. Males can be unintentionally cruel when dealing with those who have smaller equipments. The jokes about penis size are overwhelming in number. Shower time can be excruciatingly painful especially when others boast about their penis size.

The large numbers in the measurements of the penis does not immediately translate to man’s virility. But the small numbers may have a tremendous effect on one’s battered self esteem.

Most men try different kinds of techniques just to achieve their aspirations. Some resort to surgery while there are some who prefer to use the natural method with the use of their bare hands. It sounds very interesting. Many claim that these natural methods are more effective than any other kinds of surgeries or artificial methods. But how about you? Will it be effective with you? Let us find out.

Do you know that there are certain foods that can eventually enhance men’s penises? These foods include those that are high in anti-oxidants like dark chocolate, black teas and fish rich in Omega 3. Studies have shown that they can really enlarge your penis. These together with well-balanced exercise can surely enhance the size of your penis. Now, that is what we call natural. There is no need to buy those pills just to get the size you have been dreaming of.

Exercise is another good and natural way to achieve your length and size that you are waiting for. These exercises include kegel, jelqing, pc elevations, tension and traction techniques and that wide range of movements and manipulations. They are proven to make your penis become really awesome. Why worry about surgery if you have all these natural ways to improve the length and girth of your organ thus boosting your self esteem. Surgeries can be very expensive and there might be some complications. Not only that, but if you are not satisfied, you cannot reverse the procedure.

Of course devices are also available but just like the surgical methods, it might be risky for you, too. So better yet, just do what comes naturally with you and certainly you will inch closer to your ideal size.

You just have to be more diligent and patient to do all these tips and remember that in the long run you will get what you want.

Reaching your goal of an enlarged penis is all in your hands. Yes, your ever trusted and faithful hands. You just need to be well-informed so that you can make the right and safer choice to get what you want. Don’t waste much time and effort in buying those pills with adverse affects or undergoing surgery with a lot of complications. They can further damage your health because of their unknown side effects. Be well-informed! Make the right choice! Reach your goal!

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