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How to Increase Sperm Volume: Best Semen Volume Pills in 2020

The volume of sperm refers to an important indicator of male fertility and general health of a man. Today the low level of sperm volume is one of the most common phenomena among men.

At any age, the volume and quality of the male sperm usually reflect the entire condition of his body and sexual life. Sperm volume becomes a highly pressing topic for those men who want to become fathers. In this article we will share with you the main tips to increase sperm volume and boost its quality.

Every man wants to know the ways of increasing his sperm volume.

But, first of all, you have to determine the reasons of the decreased level of sperm. In most cases, low sperm volume is a result of your unhealthy habits such as irresponsible alcohol consumption, smoking and sedentary lifestyle.

Even stressful situations and bad ecology have a harmful effect on the production of sperm and male fertility. Sometimes the volume of the male sperm can be affected by various diseases.

In this case you should better consult an appropriate doctor that can prescribe various massages, bath procedures, rubbing in oils or balm to stimulate the testicles and genitourinary and to increase the volume of sperm.

Remember that medications can also negatively affect the level of sperm production and its quality. Be sure to consult the doctor before taking any meds.

The Best Semen Enhancer

Volume Pills

The demand for sperm-increasing pills is huge, perhaps even larger than the penis enlargement market itself.

The psychological impact of being able to produce a substantial amount of sperm is undeniable – you feel like more of a man and women will think of you as more of a man.

When it comes to finding a quality sperm volumizer, we think that Volume Pills are simply unmatched, with Semenax, the nearest competitor, coming in a distant second. Volume Pills are proven to quickly and dramatically boost your sperm production.

Increased sperm production will give you a heightened sex drive and a much more intense, longer-lasting orgasm – and what guy doesn’t want that? You might even notice results overnight, as the ingredients in the pills go to work right away.

The pills contain all-natural ingredients, carry no known side effects, and are backed by several medical professionals. They also come with a 6-month money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

The benefits of Volume Pills are clear – a massive increase in sperm production, heightened desire, and intense, long orgasms.

Volume Pills are a top-notch male enhancement product.


Semenax has an unmatched non-artificial formula that is comprised of the top-class ingredients only. Each ingredient added to the formula in the dosage, ensuring the maximum efficacy.

But what is most important is that this semen volumizer is backed with the plausible findings of the clinical trial.

It means that not only the ingredients themselves are checked for efficacy and quality, but also the formula as a whole.

That’s why each volumizer component plays a special, only its role in the formula. There are no empty shell ingredients in the supplement.

increase sperm volume

Best Foods To Increase Sperm Volume

If a man is completely healthy, but the level of his sperm volume is low, he should probably change or enhance his nutrition. Improper nutrition can significantly affect the sperm quality and volume.

The main rule is to eat more foods rich in proteins, eliminate the consumption of fats, fried products and fast food, and consume more fruit, legumes and vegetables. They will provide your body with all essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as increase your sperm volume. The main products of your daily diet should be meat, fish, fruit and eggs.

Don’t forget to add peanuts, nuts and seeds to your meals in order to increase the sperm volume and provide spermatozoa with a beneficial effect. The products containing vitamin A can also improve the activity of your sperm. You can find a huge amount of this vitamin in spinach, green salad, broccoli and sweet potatoes.

Most scientists recommend also enriching your nutrition with Omega 3, L-carnitine, zinc and selenium. Other natural products that can help improve your sperm health are coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin E and lycopene (the plant pigment, which can be found in red fruit and vegetables). Drink a lot of water and other fluids. This can be surprising, but the amount of sperm ejaculated during orgasm depends on the amount of fluid you consume.

But you shouldn’t overindulge in tea, coffee and energy drinks as they can have an adverse impact on the sperm quality and result in a low sperm count.

Believe it or not, but your sexual activity can also influence your sperm volume. Most statistics show that rare ejaculations can increase the sperm volume in your body. The rule is the higher your sexual activity, the lower your sperm volume. The most optimal option is to maintain a fragile balance between the ejaculation frequency and production of sperm. T

The largest amount of sperm is usually produced in the morning hours.

As it has been already mentioned, a sedentary lifestyle can adversely affect the level of sperm production and motility of live spermatozoa. That’s why it is extremely important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, do sports and different physical exercises regularly.

In addition, sport helps to control your weight, which can also influence greatly the volume and quality of your sperm. Numerous studies showed the excess weight may also have a negative effect on the sperm quality and its concentration.

Appropriate physical exercises improve the health of the entire body and contribute to the production of the sufficient level of testosterone. There is probably no person that doesn’t associate testosterone with men. And no wonder, it is the key male hormone. According to numerous studies the sperm volume depends directly on the level of testosterone in the male body. Thus, if you want to increase the volume of sperm, you should first raise the level of testosterone. This hormone doesn’t only promote the production of sperm but also enhance its quality.

Another important factor, which undoubtedly affects the level of the sperm volume in the body, is stress and depression. It is a well-known fact all over the world that stress and exhaustion can adversely affect the amount of sperm in the male body. Stress and depression have an adverse effect on almost all body systems and can change the hormonal background that, in its turn, may result in a decreased level of testosterone production.

If the problems connected with the sperm volume are the results of neurological and psychiatric disorders, overwork, age or exhaustion you can go in for physiotherapy, which involves hydrotherapy, EHF, laser and magnetic therapy etc.

It is also very important to develop a positive attitude to life, try to avoid stressful situations and rest more.

Unconventional therapy also plays a prominent role in increasing the sperm volume. According to some statistics, the most efficient kinds of non-drug therapy are hirudotherapy (leech therapy), apitherapy (bee venom therapy) and acupuncture. They help not only increase the level of sperm production but also enhance the health of the entire organism.

Men should also keep an eye on their temperature to prevent their testicles from being overheated. This can negatively affect the quality of sperm and its production. Therefore, do not overindulge in hot baths, sauna, and steam-filled rooms.

If you get rid of your unhealthy habits, cut down on the bad foods and do sports, take male enhancement pills your sperm volume will grow dramatically, and you will forget about most of the problems related to the reproductive system.

Increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction by producing more semen when you ejaculate

If you have a low semen output or simply want to know you will surprise and impress your partner with a little more output during orgasm, then there are now 100% natural products that help you produce more semen.

New science is finding out that the right herbs can greatly increase your semen volume which helps men increase confidence and pleasure for better sex lives. Now you can:

  • Enjoy the best sex of your life with more powerful orgasms from increased semen output
  • Impress your girlfriend, date, or wife with a bigger load when you orgasm, as well as harder erections and more stamina.
  • Increase changes of fertility by producing a larger quantity or healthy sperm.

Now you can benefit from the increased semen output that results in greater sexual performance by simply taking an all natural herbal formula.

On top of increasing semen volume and output, herbal semen enhancement pills also increase erection hardness and sexual stamina to enjoy better sex than you ever thought was possible.

Volume Pills is the #1 recommended semen enhancement pill and we fully stand behind it. VolumePills is backed by more doctors and physicians than any other supplement available and gave us and our friends the fastest and biggest results from any pill we review.

You can trust that taking Volume Pills will give you more confidence from knowing you can give your partner the best sex of her life.

Increase Sperm Volume For Bigger Sperm And Intense Orgasms!

Increasing sperm volume allows you the experience of longer lasting orgasms, and multiple orgasms with the ability to orgasm without stopping for more pleasure for you and your partner.
Want results right away? VolumePills is a safe all natural pill taken once daily for producing up to 500% more semen for bigger more explosive orgasms and more all around pleasure.

What to do about low sperm count

When experiencing a lowered sperm volume, many males today seek assistance through traditional medical channels.
Men are often subjected to numerous tests of the penis and semen analysis to determine why sperm volume is lower. Tests may include testicular biopsies, and ultrasounds of the penis to determine if blockage of the sperm ducts is present.
A lot of this testing is expensive, however, and often leaves the patient with no real answers and added frustration. Also, if the situation isn’t medically emergent, many insurance companies will not pay for this testing and the bills can pile up leading to financial burden on top of low sperm volume and inhibited sexual performance.
Fortunately, today there are alternative answers if you are looking to increase sperm volume. If you have been subjected already to medical testing and have not been able to increase sperm volume, an herbal supplement like VolumePills may be just what you need.

Increase sperm volume naturally with herbal supplements

The unique VolumePills semen enhancer is the #1 selling semen volume pill and performance enhancer that naturally increases the amount of sperm you produce, and replenishes this bigger amount on a daily basis.
By using this herbal supplement, you may be able to avoid costly and embarrassing medical treatments and even surgery to release blocked sperm production ducts.
Trying an herbal sexual enhancer like Volume Pills can enhance your libido and sexual stamina and allow you to see fast results in in sperm quality and amount without going through time consuming medical treatments and evaluations.
The VolumePills herbal supplement contains the natural herb Ku gua, which is widely shown in medical reports to reduce body fat levels and increase testosterone levels.
This increased testosterone allows you to produce more sperm. The ingredients in VolumePills have also been found invaluable in those that have diabetes or indigestion.
Thousands of men take VolumePills as an all around energy and health tonic that keeps you sexually, physically and mentally fit for years and years to come.

Foods that increase sperm volume and sperm motility (sperm health)

In addition to herbal aids, a proper “sperm-healthy” diet can assist in many cases of male infertility and low sperm production. The first place to start is having a diet rich in zinc.
Often, improper diet and faulty nutrition are contributing factors in lessened sperm production. There are also foods that increase sperm volume. Zinc-rich foods include oysters, beef, crab, calcium-filled foods and liver.
The body needs to nutrients in able to enhance the production of healthy sperm and to lift sperm production. Also, a reduction in refined foods, sugar and flour will help in boosting sperm volume.
Eating leafy, green vegetables is a very healthy way to assist in the volume of sperm produced and will also maintain motility. Additionally, quitting smoking has been shown to increase sperm production and heighten sexual vigor.

Vital nutrients for increasing sperm volume and sperm health

Other nutrients are also associated with sexual health. Selenium, lycopene, folic acid, water and a good vitamin intake are huge factors in maintaining adequate levels of sperm volume and insuring a pleasing sexual experience.
These are often so simple that we overlook them and wonder why our sexual experience is lowered and ejaculation levels are weakened.
Realistically, with studies proving that nutrition and diet are major contributing factors to boosting sperm production and increasing libido, eating properly is the best way to start in insuring sexual health.
With proper diet and the use of herbal aids, there is no reason not to start on the path of sexual health today!

Increasing A Low Semen Count Naturally

For an all natural pill that can increase your semen volume for longer lasting orgasms and more sexual pleasure, check out VolumePills.

If you are wondering why you are experiencing lower semen volume, it’s a common threat to many males today. In the case of infertility in the male population, fifteen to twenty percent of couples are struggling with conception after one year of trying, often caused by unhealthy sperm which causes low semen motility.

Unfortunately, this shared problem among males is often blamed upon the women. If the frustration of lessened ejaculation and low semen volume are of increasing concern, the herbal ingredients in Volume Pills semen enhancer can give you power, potency and greater sexual enjoyment.

This herbal supplement is backed by health care professionals. Starting with one or two pills per day, this guaranteed product can heighten your sexual desire, libido and semen production.

This all-natural enhancer is shown to increase semen production naturally to combat lowered sperm production and boost your body’s ability to produce more amounts of healthy semen.

How does this work, you may ask? Naturally, sperm production begins when immature cells grow and develop within a delicate network of ducts inside of the testicles.

New sperm cannot initially move on their own, so they rely on adjacent organs to become functional. If this process is stopped for any reason, low semen production will result, ejaculate can become lessened and a satisfying sexual experience is interrupted.

By using an herbal supplement, natural sexual bodily function can be restored. Additionally, erections can become larger and extra stamina can be attained.

A staggering fifteen percent of male infertility is caused by structural abnormalities within the male reproductive system. Since this cannot be repaired, herbal supplements can often be of assistance in obtaining maximum ejaculation results without relying on costly hormone injections.

The costs of traditional treatment can be staggering, whereas use of natural supplements may be the answer to a growing problem in men.

Using Volume Pills enhancer may be the solution to low semen flow that you are looking for today. This herbal supplement is a guaranteed, medically backed method to help you produce more sperm, retain an erection longer and give you the needed sexual stamina to enhance your personal performance. This will also give you and your partner greater satisfaction.

This completely natural formula aids in allowing more blood to flow to the penis. This is accomplished by using Solidilan, an all natural ingredient that contributes significantly to sexual satisfaction and motivation.

Also, Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen are found in this herbal compound. These are both natural vasodilators, which in combination allow increased blood flow to the penis; this stimulation is also proven to aid in sperm motility.

If your sexual experience and performance are not what you want them to be, and you find you have a low volume of semen than you’d like, this herbal supplement is what you are looking for.

With the herbal ingredients listed above, you also receive the benefit of added L-Dopa, which stimulates the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain. This improves your overall performance and gives you extra pleasure at the same time!

What Gains to Wait For?

It’s difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of what exactly gains it’s possible to expect in each particular case. That’s because each man is unique and his supplementation conditions also differ.
But typically, it’s necessary to take semen volume pills for no less than 3 months in order to feel the entire spectrum of the supplementation advantages. This time is needed for the natural components to incorporate in your body functions and start demonstrating their efficacy to the maximum extent.

Major Semen Volume Pills Upsides

The supplementation with semen enhancers can bring you a wide range of undisputable goodies. Let’s note the major ones:
• Possibility to get most out of the semen volumizer intake within 3 months or even earlier
• Proper measurement of each ingredient dosage to provide the best gains
• Thoroughly investigated supplement formula. Semenax belongs to just several similar products which formula is entirely scientifically backed as safe and effective
• Absence of adverse reactions provided that the product users don’t misuse the supplement and adhere to all intake guidelines
• Opportunity to deal with the manufacturer, having more than a 2-decade experience in the natural supplementation realm

How Promptly Can Semen Volume Pills Act?

The longest period during which you can wait for the supplementation results is equal to 3 months. This period will enable you to experience the most complete variety of supplementation gains.

But in reality you will need just 3 weeks to strengthen your virile strength and regain control over your ejaculations. Sex drive and sexual arousal enhancement will happen after a month of sperm pills intake. And semen amount will considerably grow within a 2-month supplementation.

However, you should understand that your results may not be the same as the results in other semen enhancer users.

Do Semen Volume Pills Have FDA Approval?

In fact, the supplementation industry products including semen boosters don’t obligatorily require the approval from the FDA. But anyway this supplement is manufactured with the use of the FDA approved facilities. The product is made in the US.

The manufacturers use only the top-quality safe natural ingredients which are strictly checked for purity before being added to the product formula. And if you wish to make your own investigation concerning the semen enhanser safety and efficacy, you can demand the Certificates of Analysis from the company.

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