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How To Extend Your Sexual Frolic


A minute action? According to statistics, the average duration of sexual intercourse lasts up to three minutes.

Only few women can be pleased in such a short time.

However, every man can get skilled at bringing his love partner a longstanding pleasure.

Don’t forget about the foreplay

The most effective variant to extend a sexual frolic is to prolong your foreplay. During sex many partners are too obsessed about their own arousal and want to take advantage of the situation as quickly as possible. Try to remember that lovemaking is not a marathon, but a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Arrange a romantic foreplay, flirt with your love partner, tease her, turn your activity in an exciting game, enjoy distance, rather than strive for a “finish”. Then the question of how to prolong sexual intercourse won’t ever arise.

Watch your breathing

The duration of intercourse is largely depended on how you and your partner breathe. Accelerated breathing is one of the signals of the approaching sexual denouement. If you can take the inspiration-exhalation frequency under your control and slow down your breathing at the right time, then you will definitely prolong the desired effect.

Use your tongue

A clever ruse to prolong your sexual intercourse is to use your tongue. No, we are not talking about double-talk or oral sex (though, it can be also a good idea). When you feel like getting to the finish, just touch the roof of your upper palate with your tongue. This move will help you gain some time before the pleasant outcome, and you will be able to enjoy the process even longer.

Change the position

The properly selected positions can help you stay in a bed for longer. The best three sex positions are “man-on-top” position (partner should reduce the amplitude and slow the rhythm of his movements down, breathe deeply and tense his abs); “woman-on-top” position (a simple way to prolong sexual intercourse, especially if the man does not lay, but half-sits); “sideways” position (it requires the least physical efforts from both partners, it is enough just to slightly shake the body). Use positions, in which you can play the main role to keep control of the situation.

Eat right

Pay attention to your nutrition. The body needs vitamins. Scientists have found that vitamin A can contribute significantly to the sexual exploits of a man. It can be found in orange and red fruit such as oranges, carrots, persimmons, apricots, peaches, pumpkin, tomatoes, and beets. Eat more butter, milk, egg yolks, spinach and cabbage to improve your sexual abilities. Your sexual drive can reach a new level if you eat at least 1-2 products from the “orange” list every day. Just before sexual activity, it is recommended to eat something rich in vitamin C, which can increase your endurance. This can be a kiwi: one fruit contains more vitamin C than a kilogram of oranges! However, your libido won’t fall out at all if you eat regularly and minimize the amount of fatty foods, which can relax your body too much. Another excellent remedy for improving your sexual drive is mint or lemon balm tea, since these plants have a soothing effect. In addition, various restorative drinks, which contain, for example, the ginseng root, can also contribute greatly to you sexual activity, increasing your sexual abilities.

Do sports

Don’t ignore the importance of daily exercises: sports help you stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. A morning jog will certainly contribute to the success of a passionate night. Numerous studies have proved that regular physical activities make the sexual life brighter. Active people have much more sexual energy than those who prefer a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, only a few weeks in the gym can make you feel more attractive and relaxed. A man who is involved in sport becomes stronger, more flexible and more enduring. His physical form is improved, muscles and joints are strengthened, and the blood flow to the genitalia ensures the health of the reproductive function.

Trust your partner

It’s no secret that psychological factor plays an important role in sexual life of every couple. Trust and confidence between partners can have a significant impact on the duration of sexual intercourse. If a man feels and trusts his woman, and she also feels and trusts a man, it won’t be difficult for him to delay ejaculation. If the psychological harmony between partners is destroyed, this can adversely affect their sexual relationships.

Keep calm

Unfortunately, sometimes stress can negatively affect your sexual life. It can decrease your sexual drive or even totally kill it. Therefore, try to avoid stressful situations to stay more sexually active. By the way, when you do physical exercises, your brain produces endorfins, which help to calm down. Doing sports, communicating with positive people, watching cheerful programs will help to fulfill you with positive emotions. And by the way, you must have probably heard that sex helps to liberate from some stress!

Take care of your health

If the problem of a short sexual intercourse has a direct relation to health, you must urgently consult the appropriate specialists: a urologist, a sex therapist etc. They will determine the cause of the problem and choose an effective method of treatment. Unfortunately, many men complain of premature ejaculation, which negatively affects the sexual life.

Another tip to prolong your sexual intercourse is to use condoms made of dense latex, which have a special anesthetic lubricant. In some cases, you can apply even a few condoms. This will reduce the sensitivity of the penis. This helps prolong the sexual act.

Change your lifestyle

If your work is quite intensive, try to find more time to rest and recover. In case you do not move much, go to the gym to make your lifestyle more active.

Your bad habits can also adversely affect the duration of sexual intercourse. Try to reduce the consumption of alcohol and smoking and choose the best natural male enlargement pills.



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