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Do penis pumps work?

Men are now tackling their problems in the vast penis enlargement market. With this huge market comes a lot of questions, like do penis pumps work and penis stretchers actually work? Do they produce results? What are the risks involved in using them?

Penis pumps or vacuum devices are often recommended by Doctors to treat impotence. They are also marketed as a penis enlargement solution because the penis size does increase for a short time. The pump is placed over the whole penis where the air is then drawn out from the tube which creates pressure. As a result, blood is drawn into the penis which creates an erection. A ring is then placed on the base of the penis to hold the blood in. Penis enlargement from the pump lasts for about 24 hours.

Penis pump

Side effects can occur. Blood vessels can break causing swelling and serious bruising of the penis. If you’re thinking about trying a pump for erectile problems or penis enlargement then you need to be aware of the risks involved and the fact that many pumps sold on the market are poorly made.

Do penis pumps work?

Penis pumps are high risk and give small temporary results. A penis pump increases the blood flow into your penis which makes it appear bigger for a short time. A penis pump doesn’t permanently increase the size of your penis and can be very dangerous.

So if pumps don’t work then what about other penis enlargement products, like penis extenders? What are they and do they work?

What’s different about a Penis Stretcher?

do penis pumps workPenis extender devices or penis stretcher devices apply a continuous stretching force to the penis shaft. Penis extenders apply traction via tension bars between an curved base that fits comfortably at the root of the penis and a silicone tube of comfort strap that fits below the head of the penis. Penis extenders work completely differently to penis pumps.

If you purchase a quality product and follow the instructions penis extenders are completely safe to use. They won’t harm you in any way, there’s no discomfort or bruising and you can achieve lasting results in a perfectly safe way.

The best way to enlarge your penis is by using a penis extender device. Ensure that you choose a quality clinically proven product that carries the CE safety stamp. Don’t put your health at risk by using a cheap untested device.

If you’re serious about penis enlargement, you have to choose the safest and most effective way to achieve the results you want. If you’re going to spend money then why not spend it on something that’s clinically proven to work? Penis enlargement pills have dominated the market place because they work.


Due to information overload it is really confusing to know what exactly constitutes male enhancement supplements. Can they be bought without a prescription? How different are they from Viagra or Levitra or even Cialis? Are they as expensive? Are they aphrodisiac in nature? Will it also involve surgery? How bad are the side effects? Of course there are more private FAQs also that are doing the rounds but as a general guide we have tried to sieve the fact from fiction to enable you to take a informed decision to buy any of the popular treatment supplements like Erectzan, Zenerx, Vigrx Plus, Triverex, Male Extra, Orexis, Enzyte, Extenze, and Maxirex. Each of these male enhancement pills has been able to change the lives of many men in a positive manner.

Understanding how the supplements become active when they are consumed?

When one takes alternative therapy it is a foregone conclusion that herbs are used as the active component in the formulation. So is the case with male enhancement pills. It is the amalgamation of certain ingredients that make the tablets work. The erection of the male organ takes place when the blood flow is increased in the region. In the case of some men it does not happen. The reasons are many. It could be simply due to anxiety, nervousness while doing it for the first time or any number of times. The serious reason could also be due to some ED, which hampers the erection and ejaculation. Both lead to decreased sexual activity. When it happens for a long time both partners get dissatisfied and move away form each other. To enhance the level of erection, supplements are taken. These supplements can be in the form of allopathic drugs like Cialis, or the very popular Viagra. But men of advanced age have experienced adverse reactions. These negative reactions have propelled the some parts of the medical community to introduce natural supplements. They have herbal formulation and are the perfect alternate to negative allopathic prescriptions.

how does a penis pump work
Advantages of natural pills
Did the idea of doing surgery or even non-evasive operation cross your mind? You can delete it from memory now. A number of significant men prefer consuming medicines made of natural herbs. The risks are marginal compared to other treatments. For example a surgery could go wrong and the organ can be permanently damaged. Having herbal pills with a good meal is a safer substitute. They work slowly going to the root cause of the problem. Hence it may take more number of weeks for the medicines to work. They are not instant relief methods that could pose a threat. A combination of pills with the exercises is useful.

Some of the herbs that help men to have a bigger penis include Catuaba Bark Extract, Tongkat Ali, Puncture Vine and also Maca. Ginseng and Ginko are used in oriental male supplements. Natural herbal plants are grown in tropical countries like China where they have a proven track record or several centuries.

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