Sex and Penis Size

Going by the fast growth of the penis enlargement market over the past 10 years, many men aren’t happy with their penis size. We’re not sure whether the problems they face in their sex lives comes from penis size, lack of confidence or something else, but it’s quite clear that a bigger penis is one sure way to become great in bed. When asking a girl out a big penis matters and once you’re in the bedroom you have nothing to worry about.

Bigger penis benefits

You’re probably aware of the advantages of having a big penis when it comes to sex. It’s great to never get anxious or worry about sex and just take it whenever it happens. This is the confident feeling you get when you don’t have to worry about what she’ll think about you not being well-endowed. This is also the feeling you get when you see a big smile on her face knowing you’re keeping her satisfied. A bigger penis may not answer all your problems but it can seriously improve the quality of your life.

Let’s not neglect the psychological benefits of having a larger penis. Why be shy or nervous with women when they’re ogling that bulge in your pants? Nothing comes to close to that feeling of confidence that’s plain to see in the face of any many who’s sure of his ability to seduce women. It doesn’t matter how many bad experiences a guy has had in the past, a bigger penis will make you feel as if you could take on anything. Women love that attitude in men, as long as it doesn’t turn into arrogance.

Big or average?

One of the big questions on a lot of men’s minds is: ‘Do women prefer a bigger penis or not?’ The answer varies from woman to woman, but most women prefer a bigger penis, very few women have ever complained about it being too big. Some women like a thick penis, while others like a longer penis that can fill them up. You can’t go wrong with a bigger penis. If for some strange reason a woman tells you that it’s too big, take it as a compliment and move on.

A bigger penis brings many life changing advantages. It’s very important to be able to enjoy sex without getting nervous. Sex should be an easy and comfortable thing in your life, not a constant source of anxiety or worry and there’s no need to avoid girls because you’re afraid of sex. Life is for living, everyone has the right to enjoy sex.

Do penis pumps work?

Men are now tackling their problems in the vast penis enlargement market. With this huge market comes a lot of questions, like do penis pumps work and penis stretchers actually work? Do they produce results? What are the risks involved in using them?

Penis pumps or vacuum devices are often recommended by Doctors to treat impotence. They are also marketed as a penis enlargement solution because the penis size does increase for a short time. The pump is placed over the whole penis where the air is then drawn out from the tube which creates pressure. As a result, blood is drawn into the penis which creates an erection. A ring is then placed on the base of the penis to hold the blood in. Penis enlargement from the pump lasts for about 24 hours.
Penis pump
Side effects can occur. Blood vessels can break causing swelling and serious bruising of the penis. If you’re thinking about trying a pump for erectile problems or penis enlargement then you need to be aware of the risks involved and the fact that many pumps sold on the market are poorly made.

Do penis pumps work?

Penis pumps are high risk and give small temporary results. A penis pump increases the blood flow into your penis which makes it appear bigger for a short time. A penis pump doesn’t permanently increase the size of your penis and can be very dangerous.

So if pumps don’t work then what about other penis enlargement products, like penis extenders? What are they and do they work?

What’s different about a Penis Stretcher?

Penis extender devices or penis stretcher devices apply a continuous stretching force to the penis shaft. Penis extenders apply traction via tension bars between an curved base that fits comfortably at the root of the penis and a silicone tube of comfort strap that fits below the head of the penis. Penis extenders work completely differently to penis pumps. Penis extender reviews
If you purchase a quality product and follow the instructions penis extenders are completely safe to use. They won’t harm you in any way, there’s no discomfort or bruising and you can achieve lasting results in a perfectly safe way.

Penis pumps may seem like a quick and easy solution but they’re not safe, can cause you permanent damage and don’t work.

The best way to enlarge your penis is by using a penis extender device. Ensure that you choose a quality clinically proven product that carries the CE safety stamp. Don’t put your health at risk by using a cheap untested device.

If you’re serious about penis enlargement, you have to choose the safest and most effective way to achieve the results you want. If you’re going to spend money then why not spend it on something that’s clinically proven to work? Penis extenders have dominated the market place because they work.

Penis Enlargement Tips

Achieving a thicker penis is an important part of any penis enlargement program. Having a large girth makes your penis look more even and complements length gains and also improves sexual pleasure for you and your partner.
If you’re curious as to how to increase the size of your penis, then the answer is quite simple: a program consisting of penis extender devices and exercises will work for 99% of men. Apart from penis extenders many men would also benefit from some Jelqing.

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But exercises can take a lot of time. You have to be completely committed and you will have to find enough time each week to do the exercises in to see any major improvements. Of course the question that’s every guys mind is whether or not they’ll get a larger penis.

If you put in the time and effort you will have a big penis, don’t doubt that. Thousands of men all over the world have already tried and can testify that exercising your penis while also using a good penis extender device is all you need to achieve a thicker and longer penis.

If you’re constantly thinking about the size of your penis, if you find yourself thinking “I need to get a larger penis”, then you owe it to yourself to do something about it. Penis enlargement has to do with your self esteem. All men want to impress and be appreciated by their partners. But more than anything, they want to feel good about themselves.

Most of the men who start a penis enlargement program don’t do it because their partners want them to do so or because they feel inferior compared to other men. Most guys just want to be bigger and better. It’s something that they’re doing to improve themselves which in turn makes them feel good about who they are.

Penis extender devices are completely safe and they work. Traction has been proven in extending and stretching body parts for thousands of years. You can choose to extend various parts of your body – it works extremely well. Many people think that the penis doesn’t increase in size when exercised because it’s doesn’t contain any muscle tissue.

This is totally wrong. For thousands of years tribe people around the world have used techniques to stretch their ears, lips, necks and even their penises. Today stretching is an important technique used in orthopaedic procedures. It is used to encourage the growth of new bone tissue.

Are penis extender devices effective at adding girth to your penis? A lot of men out there are seeking to thicken their penis and increase their girth. If you want to know how to get a larger penis head and thicken your shaft then you’ll be pleased to know that there are some penis extenders designed to lengthen and increase girth.

Unfortunately not all penis extenders are equal, so when you’re shopping for one try to research about the products as much as possible and only buy top of the range devices that come with instructions and exercises.

By buying a quality product you’ll be sure that you’re time is well spent and you’ll be successfully achieving your goal, whether it be a thicker or longer penis or both.

Bigger penis mean a better lover?

It is important to men that they satisfy their partners. It gives them a great sense of achievement and makes them feel more masculine. That’s one of the reasons why they want a bigger penis – to ensure that their partners will be fully satisfied with them sexually, but it’s not just all about having a bigger penis.

These days, there are many choices for natural penis enlargement. There are exercises that will help you add more length and girth to your penis. There are also extender devices available on the market or you can use them both for optimum results. For a long time natural penis enhancement exercises have been used by men giving them the results they desire.

The exercises are really effective because they can give you enhanced ejaculation control which allows you to last longer by easing off for a bit when you’re close and letting you chose where you want to ejaculate.

Other things can help you become a better lover. Women want the best sex possible from their partner. So have you to be able to focus while having the experience at hand. The more in control and focused you are, the more intense your sex will be.

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Love Making Tips

While having sex, focus and don’t think of other things – like daily worries, your job or the next rent payment. Family pictures in the bedroom don’t help either. Natural penis enlargement exercises help you stay in control of your body and that’s the only secret about being a good lover.

You have to be in full control of your body, know what you like, what you want if you want to be able to communicate well with your lover. Most women naturally expect men to know what they want, although no two women are the same and they can have widely different expectations. You might not be able to please a woman from the first time, but knowing more about yourself can help you greatly. Being in control and not having to worry about yourself will allow you to understand what your partner wants from you, even if the hints are scarce.

Taking It Slowly

This can be even more helpful if you are in a long term relationship. You would think that the more you know about your partner, the simpler it would be to try new things and enjoy better sex, but things usually happen the other way around. As the relationship gets older the safer the sex tends to get.

Playing it safely gives you a hindrance for passion and lust. For partners who have been together a long time, small changes to their sex life works the best. The smallest change you can make will have the snowball effect which will grow and grow.

Spice Things Up

It’s important you try something new with your partner – sexy lingerie, toys, a trip to a hotel. Do something that you both feel like doing to get you out of the same routine. For a more exciting and satisfying sex life, you have to know your body to be able to control yourself without hesitations and please your partner.

Sex health products

Sex health is important for everyone, it keeps us happy and can be a massive part of our relationship. As every guy knows, when your sex life is going well, the rest of your life goes well.

The pressure is on for us guys, now more than ever women are judging our performance in bed. They’re talking about their sexual experiences with their friends and they’re watching adult movies and they know what they want from a man.

There are a few things you can do to improve your sex health and your performance in bed.

Sex health products
Diet & exercise

There are a number of reasons why eating well and exercising regularly will improve your performance and sex health. If you look good then you feel good, you will become more confident about your body and won’t have a problem showing it off.

Stronger and more toned muscles will allow you to last for longer in bed without getting tired, you will be able to do different positions and impress her.

Regular exercise and a good diet will improve your blood flow to your gentials making it easier to get an erection and increase your sensations.

Products for sex health

There are number of different products available to help you with your sex health and improve your performance and confidence. Viagra tablets are the most commonly known products which help you too obtain an erection and last for longer. However, viagra tablets should be only used for people who have erectile dysfunction problems. Men under 40 shouldn’t need viagra tablets.

Here are our recommend sex health products:

Instant Performer – Gives you a solid erection in just 40 seconds!

Instant performer oil
Instant Performer is a erection oil which all men have been waiting for. You simply rub a drop of the oil into your penis and in 40 seconds you get a rock hard erection that lasts for 2 hours.

Better than viagra tablets, it doesn’t affect your heart rate and won’t give you a headache.

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Male Extra – A complete sex health product and enlargement system

Male Extra sex health product
Male Extra has been created to help you become the ultimate man. A completely natural penis pill it increases your sex drive, contains a natural viagra which will make you feel like a teenager again. The included exercise program will help you to enlarge your penis by 1 – 3″

Buy Male Extra to become the best possible.

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Performer5 – Shoot impressive loads and experience intense orgasms

Performer5 semen enhancer sex health product
Performer5 is a semen enhancing pill which will increase your loads by 5 times and give you mind blowing orgasms. Women are programmed to be attracted to men with larger semen volumes, its a sign of fertility and health. A massive load will impress her and leave her wanting more.

A completely natural sex health product to try.

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Safe sex health

Practicing safe sex is the way to have a long and healthy sex life. Condoms are a must if you’re seeing different partners. The last thing you want is to catch something and to pass it around and be out of action for weeks. Always carry a couple of condoms in your wallet and remember to use them.

No woman is going to object to you using a condom, infact she will be pleased that you care about your sex health and her sex health.

Penis Enlargement FAQ’s

There are many questions about penis enhancement, on this page we have answered some of the most common questions people have asked.

After reading these questions if you are still unsure about anything we advise you to read the enlargement company website for more information or contact them directly.

If you don’t receive a reply to your question or can’t find any contact information for that company, think very carefully before ordering from them, often after sales support is worse once you have placed your order.

Which is the best penis enlargement method?

Over recent years clinically proven penis enhancement methods have become available, like traction devices and some exercises, these are proving time and time again to be the most effective solutions.

There is also the penis pumps, which many men claim to have seen gains from. The newer area of the market is the penis pills, creams and patches. Most of which are still being tested and so far have only proven effective when used with exercises or traction devices.

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What is the average penis length?

From information gathered from various penis size tests, results have varied dramatically due to different measuring techniques and unfair tests. However, it is often said that the average penis length is 6 – 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth when fully erect.

How much can I expect to gain?

It’s important to remember that you can only work with what nature has given you, so if you have a 5 inch penis, you’ll never get a 10 inch penis. Also there are so many other factors such as dedication to a regular routine, blood circulation levels etc. Most men report around a 2 inch gain. However, many men have reported gains of up to 3 inches.

When can I expect to start seeing gains?

Again, this largely depends on the individual, dedication to a regular routine, body type etc. Some men report results within a few weeks, but most within a few months. You should look at natural penis enlargement as a marathon and not a sprint.

Are these methods safe? Are there any risks involved?

The natural penis exercises and penis extender devices on this site have all been medically endorsed and are 100% safe, providing that you perform the exercises exactly as instructed. As with starting any type of exercise they do advise seeing your Doctor before starting the program. Cheap, poorly designed products can cause lasting damage to your glands.

Does age matter?

Any reputable company will not take orders from anyone under 18, as the body can still be growing at this age. As long as you over the age of 18 and are able to get an erection, penis enlargement should work for you.

Do pills & creams work?

On their own, they do produce any permanent gains. Pills, patches and liquids are designed to increase your blood flow, which will only help you with erections. However, when combined with penis enlargement devices and exercises they have shown to be very effective in speeding up gains.

Some of these enlargement sites seem like scams?

Due to the size of the penis enlargement industry, many people from different parts of the world have come in and quickly stuck up a website or stolen someone else’s and tried to cash in. Often leaving the customer with unsafe products, no guarantee, no support etc.

Like with making any type of purchase online, as a consumer take your time reading through the website. If anything looks suspicious try contacting their support to see if you receive a reply, if their contact details don’t work, it makes it very difficult to believe in the company.

Will my Wife/Son/Mom find out?

No. Most websites offer a very discrete service for their products. For example enhancement websites will bill you discreetly eg. “CCBILL” would show on your credit card statement. Devices, DVD’s, pills etc are all sent in plain packing with no mention of the contents.

Do I want to increase the size of my penis?

This is completely your decision to make. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Are you confident naked in front of other people? Are you happy with the length and girth of your penis? Are you a confident lover? If not, then its your choice to do something about it. Take those simple steps and give yourself the life you deserve.