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Bigger penis mean a better lover?


It is important to men that they satisfy their partners. It gives them a great sense of achievement and makes them feel more masculine. That’s one of the reasons why they want a bigger penis – to ensure that their partners will be fully satisfied with them sexually, but it’s not just all about having a bigger penis.

These days, there are many choices for natural penis enlargement. There are exercises that will help you add more length and girth to your penis. There are also extender devices available on the market or you can use them both for optimum results. For a long time natural penis enhancement exercises have been used by men giving them the results they desire.

The exercises are really effective because they can give you enhanced ejaculation control which allows you to last longer by easing off for a bit when you’re close and letting you chose where you want to ejaculate.

Other things can help you become a better lover. Women want the best sex possible from their partner. So have you to be able to focus while having the experience at hand. The more in control and focused you are, the more intense your sex will be.

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Love Making Tips

While having sex, focus and don’t think of other things – like daily worries, your job or the next rent payment. Family pictures in the bedroom don’t help either. Natural penis enlargement exercises help you stay in control of your body and that’s the only secret about being a good lover.

You have to be in full control of your body, know what you like, what you want if you want to be able to communicate well with your lover. Most women naturally expect men to know what they want, although no two women are the same and they can have widely different expectations. You might not be able to please a woman from the first time, but knowing more about yourself can help you greatly. Being in control and not having to worry about yourself will allow you to understand what your partner wants from you, even if the hints are scarce.

Taking It Slowly

This can be even more helpful if you are in a long term relationship. You would think that the more you know about your partner, the simpler it would be to try new things and enjoy better sex, but things usually happen the other way around. As the relationship gets older the safer the sex tends to get.

Playing it safely gives you a hindrance for passion and lust. For partners who have been together a long time, small changes to their sex life works the best. The smallest change you can make will have the snowball effect which will grow and grow.

Spice Things Up

It’s important you try something new with your partner – sexy lingerie, toys, a trip to a hotel. Do something that you both feel like doing to get you out of the same routine. For a more exciting and satisfying sex life, you have to know your body to be able to control yourself without hesitations and please your partner.



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